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With over 15 years of hands-on experience, you can be assured that the quality and precision of our work is at the top of the industry. With each project, our goal is the same – to partner with our customers to not only provide quality concrete work but also create functional and beautiful spaces.
Working with a trusted team of residential builders, contractors and residential clients Versatile perform makeovers on driveways, patio’s, pergolas and pool surround areas in a timely and efficient manner. Working to a budget and within your guidelines, they compliment the look of your home in a matter of weeks. From design to excavation, landscaping, concrete resurfacing, concrete stencilling, concrete removal and completion, you are kept in tune with Versatile’s progress every step of the way. So if it’s concreting solutions you are after, think Versatile Concrete, a team of experienced concrete contractors in Brisbane who take immense pride in their work. Decorative concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, stencil and patterned concrete are all in their repertoire, simply ask and you shall receive.


1. Small team of experts
2. Reliable & efficient
3. On time, on budget
4. Fully qualified and licenced
5. Communicate with you every step of the way
6. Quality results every time
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Concrete Removal

Our Brisbane Concrete Removal services are fast, efficient and affordable. We have all the right machinery and experience to get the job done on budget and on time. Call us for a quick quote today. 

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Recent Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways


What People Say About Our Past Concrete Projects

We used Joe from ‘Versatile Concrete and Landscape’ for 2 large jobs, a driveway and a concrete floor for our garage. Both jobs were completed in a timely manner, Joe and his team were professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend Joe and his team for all your concrete and landscaping needs.
North Lakes
Versatile Concrete were very professional and easy to work with. Created a fantastic result for our driveway and letterbox. Would recommend them for any concreting work.
Ferny Grove
We could not be happier with our completed outdoor area and pool surrounds. From the initial quote through to the finished product our experience with Versatile Concrete and Landscape was excellent – we were kept informed at each step of the process and the final result is stunning!! The job was completed on time, on budget and exactly as designed.
How we pour a concrete driveway
concrete driveway reinforcing mesh(1)
After removing the old concrete we install reinforcing mesh
pouring concrete for the driveway
We pour the new concrete for the driveway
level the wet concrete
We level the wet concrete
exposed aggregate driveway
Once the concrete gets to a certain dryness we expose the

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decorative stones using a special solution and a pressure cleaner. After this stage we will also acid wash it to remove any concrete residue covering the stones and you then have the option to seal it with acrylic sealer.

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We Pour The Best Exposed Aggregate Driveways & Concrete Driveways In Brisbane
Commonly asked questions

If replacing the driveway in its entirety is out of your budget due to the constant rising costs of materials, sometimes resurfacing it can give a fresh new look.  Choosing a plain grey concrete over exposed aggregate concrete or coloured concrete can reduce the cost.  Alternately giving your current driveway a good clean with acid and seal with UV resistant anti fungal acrylic sealer can also freshen it up.

Plain concrete is the most affordable concrete as it requires less labour to install it as well as the material itself is cheaper than exposed aggregates/colours.

Typically we recommend 7 days to allow the concrete to cure entirely and to achieve the necessary strength for residential traffic.  Foot traffic is fine the following day.

Being an Earthen material, concrete shrinks as it hardens.  We place our concrete on supporting soil (CBR road base) and reinforce it with steel.  We then cut control joints to accommodate the expansion and shrinkage of the concrete due to changes in temperate and moisture.  We do this to help prevent the concrete from cracking but cannot guarantee that the concrete will not crack.  

1. Australian standards suggest using materials like concrete, asphalt or paving bricks for driveway construction. All materials used to construct a concrete driveway cement, sand and aggregate meet an Australian Standard guideline.
2. Driveway standards vary from state to state and council requirements should always be as heated to and to be carried out to each specific council standards.  All driveways should accommodate for drainage whether that be the fall or if a channel grate would be a more suitable option. 
3. Depending on the size of the block/lot depends on each driveways maximum width.  This is determined by the council guidelines.  The structural integrity of the driveway is to meet the standards of each council. 
4. Driveway designs should prioritize entry and exit taking into account both pedestrians and vehicles. Permits are also required from council when replacing or building a new driveway. 
5. Regular maintenance practices such as sealing and timely repairs are essential to uphold the safety and functionality of driveways over time.