Concrete is popular for many reasons aside from durability, one is that it can be poured over pretty much any surface. If you’re thinking about plain grey concrete and how it can be aesthetically lack-lustre, well you now have the option of choosing from many coloured concrete shades. You’re bound to find one option from the different options that complements your home exterior’s colour palette. Here are just some of the different types of concrete driveways to choose from:


Among the different types of concrete driveways, plain concrete is a material widely used around the globe. Seen almost everywhere, it’s evidently used for driveways, footpaths, and patios because of its durability. It is also a main material for many buildings, which means it is very important that the job is done right. It serves as the main material in many buildings, so it is very important to get it right.

Some concrete contractors tend to use a steel mesh to handle the material, but unfortunately aren’t compliant to the required experience needed to do the job. Some contractors would even tend to use soil at the centre of their concrete in order to save on material, although this affects longevity drastically. Be wary of who you hire, make sure you only allow a trustworthy company that offers you a budget that isn’t too good to be true or you could risk having a high-maintenance driveway.

Always ensure that you only get the best quality materials so you no longer need to worry about construction. Make sure to openly discuss your project with your concrete contractors in order to verify you are only getting the best service.

While most people feel that plain concrete is a bland option, if you wish to show your personality or add character then ask your concreter for a colour chart to explore what options you have.

Plain Concrete Driveway Finished
Covercrete Concrete Driveway Finished


Coloured concrete is great for both concrete footpaths and driveways and comes in a wide variety of patterns and colours to choose from. After you’ve chosen your base colour, you can also choose the details you want depending on your preferences.

Make sure you are getting the highest quality products from the leading concrete product suppliers in Australia to ensure the colours do not fade quickly. Inspect that they do not use inferior concrete colour products and discuss with them if they offer a manufacturer’s warranty so you can be sure that your concrete stays vibrant and beautiful as the years go by.

Your experienced concreter should have a colour chart for you to view a wide selection of concrete colours. They should also be able to provide advice on how to further enhance your existing concrete or be added into the special coloured concrete mix, so you can create and customize your own coloured concrete area. If you’re unsure, simply ask for a colour chart that comes with concrete resurfacing pattern charts to help you determine what meets your budget, preferred look and requirements.

If you opt to go with this, your skilled concreter should inspect your area prior to the pricing of coloured concrete This is to determine how much materials would be needed for the project, although you may reach out to them initially to get a rough estimate.


Stencilled concrete is more of a creative and personal choice. With this option, you get to choose your preferred colours, design, and patterns. Plus it is created to last for many years, since it’s made with concrete. Therefore when choosing a design, ensure that it suits your property perfectly and has a timeless aesthetic.

There are a wide range of stencil concreting available, and with the right concreter, you should be able to receive any finish according to your preferences. From receiving advice from your concreter, you should be able to select different types of concrete stencil colours and patterns that can give your property a gorgeous and unique finish. They should also be able to let you choose from their selection of standard concrete stencils. If you wish to go for a simple look, there should be an aesthetic in their concrete resurfacing pattern charts and concrete colour charts that will also meet your requirements and your budget.

With stencilled concrete, you are able to achieve the appearance of many other materials such as pavers, brickwork, slate, tiles, or stone. The stencils offer a wide range of elaborately beautiful patterns that give your driveway a unique charm. The patterns are produced by manipulating the surface of the concrete pavement once the concrete has dried a bit, but not fully hardened.

Stencil Concrete Driveway
Exposed aggregate concrete Brisbane


If you’re looking for a type of concrete driveway that is set to last for the long-run, then you might want to consider exposed aggregates. An exposed aggregate concrete driveway has a reputation for having a stunning finish that also somewhat contributes to its durable qualities.

While it may seem overwhelming to decide because of the many designs you can create from it, according to expert concreters, www.versatileconcreting.com.au, all you would really need to choose is the right aggregate that compliments your existing landscape colours and motif.

An exposed aggregate driveway, footpath, patio, or entertainment area often looks gorgeous when done with precision and care. If your concreter fails to do the job correctly, then it may not meet your expectation, what’s worse is you’ll either have to spend more money to have it redone or just simply live with it for a long period of time.