Choosing the Best Concrete Driveway Materials

Driveways can be an integral part of your homes design and street appeal so knowing your options is important. Choosing the right concrete driveway material is also important…

So what are your options?


Concrete has many benefits. It is one of the most durable concrete driveway materials around. It can be poured over any surface. Cracks may appear, but the driveway will remain usable. One downside to concrete is that it isn’t attractive. Drainage can also be an issue since concrete is a solid and rigid surface.

Coloured Concrete Brisbane

Nowadays concrete driveways materials don’t need to be dull and grey. These techniques can be used by installers to make any concrete driveway stylish:

  • Coloured concrete. This is a less expensive choice to match your house’s colour scheme.
  • Stenciled concrete. They can appear like pavers or the stencils with elaborate designs.
  • Stamped concrete gives your driveway some dimension.
  • Exposed aggregate concrete. There are many options and colours to choose from.

Stenciling and stamping will be at a premium compared to coloured concrete, but the results will be more elegant.


A widely-used concrete driveway material, pebblecrete is exactly what the name implies – a mix of concrete and pebbles. If an expert installs pebblecrete, your driveway can get a more polished and textured look.

Pebblecrete comes in a wide assortment of colours. It can be used to match your landscaping style.

Picking the right driveway material for your home

Still searching for the right driveway material? Get inspired by browsing through our gallery. You’ll see lots of photos to give you a clear understanding of your options.

When asking for a quote, tell us the size and scope of the driveway, down to square meters, if possible.

It will also be helpful to tell us:

  • if the surface is at a slope or flat
  • if you want a straight or curved driveway
  • the distance of the road to your garage or parking space

The estimated cost of your driveway will be a combination of materials and labour. Generally, you need to shell out more money for driveways on sloping terrain, if located in hard to access areas, or requiring intricate patterns or designs. Simpler driveways using the same amount of materials as a complex driveway may cost less to build.