Coloured concrete driveways, as well as concrete footpaths come in a wide range of patterns and colours. You can choose the details you want depending on your preferences.

At Versatile Concrete, we use only the highest quality products that come from the leading concrete product suppliers here in Australia. We never use inferior concrete colour products. We also offer a manufacturer’s warranty so you can be sure that your concrete stays bright and beautiful for many years to come.

Coloured Concrete

All you have to do is to check out our colour chart to view a wide selection of concrete colours that we can use to further enhance your existing concrete or be added into the special coloured concrete mix, so you can create and customize your own coloured concrete area. Our concrete colour charts and concrete resurfacing pattern charts can help you find the one that will meet your budget and your requirements.

An inspection of the area needs to be done prior to the pricing for coloured concrete. However, you can always give us a call and request a rough estimate for your project. We will provide a firm quote after the site inspection.


Coloured Concrete Services

What is coloured concrete?

Concrete that has been improved by adding specific colours to it is called coloured concrete. It is a great way to liven up driveways and brighten up outdoor living areas.

How is it created?

Coloured concrete is now a popular choice among homeowners. You can find a lot of different colours in the market nowadays, making it easier to customise. There are a few ways to add specific colours into the concrete. Integrated colour is when pigments, like iron oxides, are mixed into the concrete to ensure that the colour is distributed evenly. The result is a deep and rich colour throughout the whole slab. Using pigments may also help in eliminating the loss of colour as the surface takes general wear and tear, such as chipping. The disadvantage of this method is that colour may be different in situations where you need more than one batch.

Where is coloured concrete usually applied?

You can see it used in community areas, outdoor entertainment areas, parks, gardens, floors, walls, landscaping, paths, walkways and pool surrounds. You may also find it in roadways and transport slab overlays. You will see them used in standard and specialised applications.