Exposed aggregate, patterns, sprayed covercrete and coloured concrete.

Decorative concrete finishes allow you to express yourself, the choice is yours if you want to go bold, classic, sleek, or whatever suits you. In designing decorative concrete, your imagination is the limit as concrete is a blank canvas that is made for your ideas to come to life.

Decorative concrete

At Versatile Concrete, we turn your ideas into concrete reality. As professional concreters, we are able to incorporate your current landscape into your choice of concrete design or create a new decorative concrete to complete the look of your chosen area.

We have numerous designs that will be able to fit the look that you desire.

Here are some decorative concrete designs that we offer.

– Exposed Aggregate Concrete

  • Our most popular design that suits almost any setting. The heavy texture and non-slip finish give this concrete design versatility to match anything. In addition to that this is also available in base colours and pebble. The finish of our exposed aggregate concrete gives off a natural-look.

– Coloured Concrete

  • Coloured concrete gives you a bold look naturally found in mineral oxides. Our variation in colours include earth tones to vivid blues, you name we have it. Your imagination is the limit in the colours that we offer for our concrete.

– Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

  • Recoating old concrete with new concrete is a method called “Concrete resurfacing” or “Spraycrete” this is to breathe new life to old concrete surfaces and is available in a wide variety of colours and finishing.

– Stamped and Stencilled Method

  • A method that combines colour and texture to achieve the look of natural stone. This look is perfect for driveways or paths.

A combination of all the different elements is also available at Versatile Concrete. You are never limited to a single method to achieve the look you want. Our skilled and experienced concreters will ensure that we help you create your masterpiece.