After many years of use, your concrete slabs, patios and driveways may need to be repaired or replaced. Concrete is porous, which means it can take on moisture after some time unless you waterproof it. When the time comes to install a new concrete slab or driveway, Versatile Concrete is your best solution. Situated in Brisbane, we’re a team of experts who specialise in laying new concrete for residential and commercial properties alike. We also do pool areas, patios and decorative concreting.

What To Expect

As a homeowner, you want the general design and entertainment areas of your home to be attractive. With Versatile Concrete, you can achieve the home you’ve dreamt of. We provide brand new patios, walkways, pool areas and driveways in standard or decorative concrete, which is long lasting and attractive.

Concrete is a difficult material to work with. It gets messy and complicated very quickly, and imperfections show up very easily on the finished product when it has dried if you don’t know what you are doing. At Versatile Concrete, our team is expertly trained and experienced to excavate an area, check its drainage and pour new concrete. The concrete that we lay is stable, safe and long lasting. Once our concrete has dried, it is capable of bearing massive amounts of weight and won’t break under pressure.

Our Process

When laying new concrete, it isn’t just about mixing the cement with other required materials and pouring it out. At Versatile concrete, we pour, spread, smooth and finish concrete to create sturdy and attractive surfaces and structures. To do this, we perform a few essential steps first which ensure that the finished product will be long lasting and functional.

We start by removing the existing concrete that is cracked, corroded and outdated. If the existing concrete is being restored, we repair and reinforce it by cutting joints and filling the cracks. Whether we’re repairing existing slabs, or replacing it, we ensure that our work is fully compliant with engineering and architectural restrictions.

When pouring new concrete, we’ll excavate and prepare the site, perform drainage checks, ensure that the ground is level, and pour the concrete. We spread and smooth it out, making sure that there are no bubbles or imperfections on the surface. Our clients are welcome to choose a decorative finish (there are many options to choose from) such as concrete stencilling, stamping and more.

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When Versatile Concrete has completed all concreting services on your property, it’ll look better than ever because our finished products and work are always well made and functionally designed. For concreting services or concrete stencilling in Brisbane, call us today.

This was a commercial job where we had to use extremely strong concrete 50mpa with SL92 double layer steel, 200mm thick and the use of a boom pump due to access restrictions.


Having good flooring can instantly turn any space into an elegant and functional area. However, when choosing the flooring materials and design for your Brisbane home, there are many things that you need to carefully consider.

A well designed house is one that shows integrity through its biggest, most noticeable, details such as smart engineering, and the coherence of its interior with the architectural design. But small details like pleasing and sturdy flooring, also show how much thought and attention was put into the property.

Flooring is an underrated but important part of keeping a high value to one’s property. In Brisbane, particularly, home flooring has to be able to withstand humidity, termites, and seasonal weather changes, this is on top of the usual factors like foot traffic and time that might affect its longevity.

The general goal when choosing a flooring system is to ensure a robust and durable interior, and a hard-wearing and elegant-looking exterior. This is why concrete flooring is often the sought-after solution by most homeowners.

Concrete Flooring For Brisbane Homes

Concrete flooring offers a promising combination of a strong substrate and a wide range of customizable design for the surface layer. It allows property owners to customize the look of their floors to compliment the overall architectural design of their home. They get this perk plus the fact that they won’t have to worry about a lot of heavy maintenance.

Compared to other flooring systems, concrete flooring, can last up to several years if done by professional contractors. It can stay in its optimal state with minimal need for repair and fixing. It can withstand heavy daily foot traffic and weather changes, and usually non-slip, which are some important factors that influence the integrity of most flooring systems.

Concrete flooring for homes benefits:

  • Low maintenance flooring system
  • Durable and could last for years with proper care
  • Non-slip and can withstand weather and temperature changes
  • Wide range of customizable designs for the surface layer

Concrete Driveway Brisbane Homes and Establishments

In most homes and establishments, the driveway is one of the areas that require most floor maintenance or fixing. The driveway has to withstand thousands of pounds of weight every day, on top of medium to heavy foot traffic, and weather changes.

Most property owners go for pure concrete flooring in driveways as it ensures durability. It’s also relatively inexpensive, which makes it a good option for those who are working on a budget. But aside from the pure concrete flooring, experienced concrete contractors Brisbane offer other flooring options that can combine substrate quality and surface elegance to your driveway.

Exposed Aggregate Driveways in Brisbane

Similarly to plain concrete flooring, the exposed aggregate concrete is poured directly to the driveway and smoothed out. The difference here is the exposed aggregate flooring system consists of placing and finishing a decorative mix of stones, sand and cement then finishing it to a point before applying a retarding agent, then using a pressure cleaner to expose the decorative aggregate of the desired mix chosen by the customer.

Exposed aggregate flooring is one of the flooring systems that is easiest to maintain, yet tastefully stylish at the same time. This makes it the perfect option for home and other property owners in Brisbane who are looking to give their driveways an earthy yet modern industrial look, without compromising its staunch under layers.

Generally, exposed aggregate floors increases grip on the floor’s surface for cars to pass or stay on, making it a better option for the driveway. It can be done with one pigment, or multi-colored pigments, with or without finish, to suit the overall design of your property.

Concrete flooring for driveway benefits:

  • Able to withstand heavy traffic and metal weight everyday
  • Able to withstand changes in the weather and temperature
  • A flooring system that’s hardwearing, and non-slip
  • One of the most cost-effective flooring options
  • Wide range of customizable designs to complement the look of the rest of the property

Concrete Stencilling Brisbane

If you do a quick search on the internet for Decorative Concrete Brisbane floors, you’ll find a bunch of concrete stenciled floors in really high-class homes/buildings. This is because concrete stencilling allows you to give new life to your tired concrete floor that’s been worn out by age.

Concrete stencilling gives new life to old boring floors. Provided that your floor has an old but solid foundation, a resurfacing mix can be added on top of the old floor. A pattern can then be laid on top before cover crete is added. The process is typically finished off with a sealer, although a low slip additive will have already been added during the process to add grip.

Two of the biggest benefits of concrete stencilling are: (1) It’s easy maintenance, and (2) the liberty for owners to decoratively customize their flooring. This type of flooring is easy to maintain as it only needs sweeping and rinsing, as well as sealer reapplication every two years.

In order to ensure that your floor adheres to the overall design of your property, you can customize the pigment and design of the stencil. You can even ask your contractor to make it look like granite or tiles, to give your floors a unique look.

It’s an inexpensive alternative to get that timeless classy look on your floors, all without the extensive labor and hefty cost involved in other materials like brick, tiles or marble. Concrete stenciling is also relatively faster to get done as workers don’t need to manually set stones or bricks, and can simply lay your desired pattern, pour over cover crete to get the desired look.

Concrete stenciling benefits:

  • Applicable for floors that need minor fixing
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wide range of decorative design options
  • One of the most inexpensive options in the market

Concrete Resurfacing in Brisbane

Concrete resurfacing is another flooring option for property owners who want to revive the look of their flooring. However, compared to other concrete services like stencilling, concrete resurfacing takes a much aesthetically simpler route.

Like most flooring systems, concrete is also subject to wear and tear. However, due to its durable nature, and also depending on its maintenance, concrete can take a lot longer to produce cracks or surface bumps. But it isn’t immune to reflecting its years, usually evidenced by fading of pigmentation and minor cracks and holes.

Concrete resurfacing, therefore, brings back its former vigor by adding a new layer on the existing core layer of your flooring, and gives the surface a fresher look. It’s durable and affordable, although it is applicable only to floors that do not need major repairs.

Moreover, concrete resurfacing is also quicker and more cost-efficient than having to remove current slabs and replacing them with new ones. This is an important factor that any property owner should consider, especially since it gives the owners the same durability and design customization options as reworking and replacing the concrete flooring in an area.

Concrete resurfacing benefits:

  • Gives the surface a new cleaner look
  • Keeps the concrete in its best form to last longer
  • Quicker process than replacing new slabs
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Wide variety of decorative design options

Concrete Cleaning and Resealing Brisbane

Perhaps your area doesn’t need a total overhaul or resurfacing. It could be that you have a strong concrete flooring in place, but the surface needs a little help or minor fixing. It could be that your pool side area need a little rescue from all the mold, or that your patio could use a little help with the nasty stains that’s impossible to miss with a quick look.

In this case, a cleaning and repair service is what you need. Professional concrete contractors use a high-pressure cleaning tool that blasts on the concrete surface, removing stains, molds and accumulated dust.

While it is efficient in removing grime, this high-pressure cleaning equipment only works to take out unwanted elements on the topmost layer of the concrete. It will not destroy your concrete flooring’s design, nor weaken it’s under layers.

After cleaning, concrete contractors reseal the area to provide a non-slip surface for you to function on. This way, you get to take care of your concrete floor and enjoy it longer without having to do overhaul everything.

Concrete cleaning and resealing benefits:

  • Uses high-pressure equipment to clean the topmost layer of the concrete
  • Does not destroy existing floor design
  • Removes stains, molds and other grime
  • Area is resealed afterwards to make for a non-slip surface

Concrete Removal Brisbane

Sometimes, a minor fix here and there just doesn’t cut it. As mentioned earlier, concrete slabs can be resurfaced or repaired only when dents and cracks are superficial and mild. There are cases when concrete on properties have already been worn out by time or other external factors that its durability has been compromised.

When concrete slabs can no longer be fixed with a repair or resurfacing, professional contractors advise property owners to remove the concrete flooring totally to be replaced with a new one. This way, they get to start their project on a clean slate and on a much more durable flooring.

There are many factors that affect the price of a concrete removal service. Concrete contractors often consider the size of the concrete first to see how much work there is that needs to be done. The bigger the concrete, the longer the removal process is likely going to take which could equate to a bigger price.

Some professionals also factor in the type of concrete used and the disposal of concrete, which also determine the scope of the work. Reinforced concrete, which is essentially one with rebars in them, is often a lot harder to disassemble, remove and dispose.

If you have a larger space, concrete removal may not be the cheapest service you could get. This is why it’s imperative that you choose to work with professionals you can trust to do the job, quickly and efficiently.

Concrete removal Brisbane benefits:

  • Gives owners a clean slate to work on for their next project
  • Quicker and more efficient removal by professional concrete contractors
  • Less work for the property owner and easy disposal

Concrete Contractors Brisbane

Flooring services are perfect for when you’re looking to improve your driveway, patio, living area or pool area. There are many ways to take advantage of the benefits of using concrete for these services, but much of this restoration and redecoration feat has to do with the people you choose to work with.

If you’re living in Brisbane, it’s important for you to choose trusted local concrete contractors who know the ins and outs of the industry. You need people who understand the factors that detract the longevity and strength of your flooring and know how to work against them.

Concrete contractors can also give you professional advice on how you can best achieve the look that you want for your property, exactly what you’ll need, and how much you’re likely to spend.

Reasons to choose local concrete contractors in Brisbane:

  • Local contractors know how to work against factors that affect the longevity and strength of concrete flooring
  • They can give professional advice on each project;
  • Knows the best products, materials and processes to provide the best output

Concrete Slabs Brisbane

Many Brisbane property owners work with professional contractors for other renovation projects that are not related to flooring per se. Perhaps you’re looking to create a patio, pet house, construct a new shed, or build a garage.

In such case, you’ll need to ask your concrete contractors for concrete slabs which you can use to create a solid flooring for these new projects. Your contractors should be able to guide you on what size of concrete slabs you should use: whether you should opt for small, medium or large sizes. They should also give proper advice on how you can maintain the integrity of your new slabs to ensure that they last longer.

Benefits of getting new concrete slabs:

  • Comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large
  • Concrete slabs can be used anywhere and for a variety of purposes
  • Solid option for flooring in various home projects
  • Concrete slabs lasts for a very long time with minimal maintenance needed

Concrete Services Brisbane

At this point, you’ve read to a considerable extent how concrete flooring can help make your house look even more elegant while ensuring its integrity and longevity. Concrete can help ensure that you get a strong flooring in any space in your home.

However, getting concrete services is half about the actual service that you’re getting, and another half about who you’re getting those services from. In Brisbane alone, there are tens of companies that offer various concrete services.

Experience and honesty when looking for contractors

In order to maximize your time, effort and budget, always choose to work with the experts. Choose contractors who already have years of experience in the industry. They are more likely to give the best advice as to how to best complete your project.

Apart from experience, honesty is an important factor when choosing professionals to get concrete services from. Getting concrete services for your home renovation or redesign, is a major financial step that will also demand a lot of your time and attention.

It’s important that you always choose to work with contractors who can provide a complete honest quote for the entire service. This means that the quote should cover all the cost of materials, equipment and labor needed for the service.

By having a complete quote, you get to make sure that you won’t be receiving any unwanted financial surprises from your contractor mid-project. You have peace of mind during the entire process, knowing that everything has been laid out, and expectations are correctly set.

Moreover, look for a contractors who are as enthusiastic about the project as you are. Find contractors who are easy to collaborate with from planning, all the way to concrete sealing, which is usually the very last step of the process. Choose contractors who can give you timely updates, so you know exactly what’s going on, and when to expect results.

Things to look for in a professional concrete service contractor:

  • Look for people who are experienced and are well versed with the ins and outs of the industry
  • Choose people who can give you a full and honest quote
  • Look for contractors who are as enthusiastic and hands on about the project as you are

Concrete Home Services: A Quick Look

So what types of services can you get for your Brisbane home?

Professional contractors can provide concrete services for practically all types of builds you want for your home. Whether you’re looking to get work done on the main house, on the veranda, pool area, or just want to make a shed outside, they’ve got the flooring covered for you.

You can avail any of the services mentioned above, but just to give you an idea, here are some of the most sought after services that home owners get in the Brisbane area:

House Concrete Slabs – The perfect service for when you’re planning to replace old house slabs or add new concrete slabs for new builds. If you’re looking to create a patio, or change the flooring around your pool side area, this is the service you can ask your contractor.

Concrete Driveway – Driveways bear the brunt in taking in heavy weight and foot traffic. This is why property owners often get concrete resurfacing, resealing or replacement services for this area in particular to ensure that it stays functional for years.

Decorative Concrete – The best option for property owners who are looking to change their current flooring system into one that is more durable and elegant looking. This is the perfect service to get if you want overlays, new pigment, exposed aggregate or stencilled patterns for your floor.

In this article, we focused mainly on home flooring and the concrete services that you can avail for your next build. However, it’s also important to note that these applies to other properties too, whether it’s your in your place of business or other properties.

Generally, investing on a good flooring system will undoubtedly make your property look even better. But more than the visual aspect of it, a concrete flooring will also allow you to save hundreds of dollars you could probably spend on maintenance and repair with other flooring methods.

If you’re looking to repair or rebuild your current floor, or maybe just looking to spice things up design-wise, make sure to carefully assess your current floor needs. See what needs to be done, and how much it’ll probably cost you.

Assess what type of service is perfect for you, whether you simply need a little resealing, resurfacing or a total do-over with the concrete slabs. Next, share your idea and consult with professionals. They’ll be better able to guide you on the entire process. They’ll let you what can be done, and work with you so you can get the floor you want without compromising on quality or overdoing the pricing.

When your flooring is done by the right people, you can have great looking floors that can last for years on end. What more is that the entire flooring service process doesn’t have to be tedious for you. As a customer, your task is to do the choosing and letting your contractors know what you want for your project.

As the property owner, you’ll only really need to determine what type of service you want to get, find out what your options are, and then lay out the terms and scope of the project. If there’s one thing you should probably stress about, it should be the type of design you want for your floor. And with that many options to choose from? Who can blame you?

With a simple flooring service, you can increase the overall appeal of your home.

You get to enjoy good looking floors without having to worry that they might easily break and need replacement. There is a world of possibilities on what you can do with the design, quality and structure of the build itself. Make the most out of it.