Stencilled concrete is a personal choice, especially since you get to choose your preferred design, colours, and patterns. Concrete will last for many years to come, so it is always important to go for materials and designs that will suit your home perfectly.

We offer a wide range of stencil concreting and decorative concrete finishes. You can select from different concrete stencil colours and patterns through our website, so you can give your property a gorgeous and unique finish. You can also choose from our selection of standard concrete stencils if you want to go for a simple look. Our concrete resurfacing pattern charts and concrete colour charts can also help you find something that will meet your requirements, and your budget too.

stenciled concrete driveway

If you want to get a rough estimate on the stencilled concrete project, you can always give us a call. Ideally, pricing is done only after a site inspection, so no firm quote will be provided to you until it has been carried out.



What is stenciled concrete and what is it used for?

stencil concrete

, you’ll be able to create a nice look without breaking the bank. It is widely known as a cheaper alternative compared to some other concrete finishes. Stencils are used to dress up the grey concrete that may seem too common or plain for some homeowners.

Is it okay to paint over the stencil concrete?
Concrete is porous, which means it can be painted on as long as the surface is properly cleaned and prepared. If you want to modify and refresh your stenciled patio, driveway, or pathway, you can just paint over them.

What kind of paint should be used for concrete floors?
The best choice for floors is epoxy paint. Floors take a lot of abuse, so it is important to choose epoxy, which can produce durable results. It can even hold up better than latex paint as time goes by. You should also make sure that the primer and the paint you will use are both suitable for the floor’s location, whether it is an interior or an exterior surface.

Does painting concrete make it easier to clean?
Since concrete is made of a porous material, it can collect dust and dirt in its pores. Every day, dust particles can be collected from your shoes and feet. A fresh coat of paint on the surface will make the surface easier to clean. This will ensure that dirt, dust, and grime won’t be collected on the floor.