Stand Out From Other Houses In Brisbane With An Exposed Aggregate Driveway

The first thing a person will see when they enter your property and make their way to your home is your driveway. It’s what will help form their first impression of you and your style. For most people, it’s something that performs a function and doesn’t need to stand out or look attractive. It doesn’t have to be that way, and wouldn’t you want to have your driveway stand out from the crowd if you could? Here’s how creating an exposed aggregate driveway will leave your property looking better than ever and improve its condition and lifespan.

What is Exposed Aggregate?

A standard cement mixture resembles a paste and is mostly smooth. With an exposed aggregate, uneven particles of rocks and sand are added to make it lumpy. When poured it creates a mosaic-like finish that is used on driveways, patios and other outdoor areas. You’re probably thinking that this sounds standard and wondering why this technique would make your driveway look unique.

The reason why exposed aggregate helps you create a one of a kind finish is that you control what you mix and in what quantities. You can choose a standard finish (where the aggregate mix combines the cement) or a topping finish (where the aggregate lies on the cement). You can also opt for a seeded finish (the aggregate is placed in the wet cement in a specific pattern) or polished finish (the surface is ground and polished down to create a smooth finish – with a topcoat placed on it).

Is My Driveway Suitable?

Exposed aggregate is great for driveways as it can endure heavy traffic and can withstand sun, rain and humidity. It won’t need much maintenance and provided you seal it every three to four years it could last you decades. It will add to the value of your home, and in terms of its final appearance, your only limit is your imagination as you can choose from an endless variety of aggregates of various sizes, shapes and colours.

Why stop with your driveway? Exposed aggregate looks great in gardens and on verandas as well as parking spaces and general outdoor areas. It’s only slightly more costly than a standard concrete finish, so why not take the opportunity to transform your entire property? For advice on getting started, contact Brisbane’s Versatile Concrete.

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