Ideas for a More Appealing Concrete Driveway

Five Ideas for a More Appealing Concrete Driveway

Your house has a gravel or asphalt driveway, and you’ve been thinking about getting rid of it and have a concrete driveway installed instead. Well, you landed at the right website because our team at Versatile Concrete has several ideas for you on how to create an appealing driveway that will boost its curb appeal. Let’s begin.

A simple polished driveway

You’ve probably seen polished concrete in coffee shops, boutiques, and other stores before. But, believe it or not, concrete driveways can be polished to a gleam, too.

First, your driveway’s surface is going to be cleaned and prepped to get rid of dirt and oil stains. Next, the surface is going to be polished using a wheeled concrete grinding and polishing machine. 

Any dust or slurry on the surface will then be removed before it is polished once again to a high shine. The contractor will then apply a special non-slip coating so you and your family will be safe while walking on it even when it’s raining.

Stencil Concrete Brisbane

An elegant stencilled concrete driveway

Stencilling is a great way to make your concrete driveway stand out. To stencil the driveway, first, you’ll need to choose a pattern. Some of the patterns available for clients are flagstone, tile, cobblestone, and brick. After the concrete is installed, flattened, and smoothed, the workers will then lay the stencil on the surface.

Once the pattern is aligned, the stencil will be embedded onto the surface using a roller. Powdered color hardener is applied onto the surface before it is worked into the surface using a bull float. The slab can be textured and antiqued to give it that weathered look.

An interesting exposed aggregate driveway

Exposing aggregates is a great way to give your driveway an interesting texture and look. After installing, flattening, and smoothing the concrete, the surface is then hosed down to expose the pebbles or aggregates underneath.

A sealant is then applied to protect the surface and ensure that it will last for many years. What makes this type of concrete a fantastic choice for many homeowners? Well, it is not as prone to spalling as smoother concrete, and it improves the traction in your driveway whenever it rains.

exposed aggregate driveway

A lovely stamped concrete driveway

Another way to add an interesting texture to your concrete driveway is by having it stamped. What’s great about stamped concrete is that it is not just great for driveways. It can also be done in indoor spaces, pool decks, patios, and more.

As usual, the process takes place after the concrete is installed, flattened, and smoothed. Next, the powdered color hardener is broadcasted and trowelled onto the surface. The surface will then be stamped with your chosen pattern. These patterns include cobblestone, fieldstones, slate, European fan, wood, and more.

Stamped Concrete Driveway

A vivid stained driveway

One of the best ways to boost your home’s curb appeal is by staining your concrete driveway. The surface is cleaned and prepped first before the stain is applied. Next, the stain is mixed and the first coat is applied on the surface using a sprayer. 

The second coat is applied after several minutes, and it is followed by the application of a concrete sealer to ensure that the stain will not fade easily.