Stenciled Patio in Brisbane

Concrete Design Tips for Patios

You’ve had your old wooden deck for many years, and frankly, you’re tired of it. If it’s time for an upgrade, then check out concrete patios and see if building one is ideal for your property. Here are some of Versatile Concrete’s suggestions for concrete patio designs that you might want to bookmark if you want to get started.

Stamped or stenciled concrete patio

An old-fashioned smooth grey concrete patio is great for many homes. It blends well with any home design, whether it’s Edwardian or mid-century modern or contemporary. Because of its simple no-nonsense design, it is also one of the most affordable types of concrete patios.

But if you want to add some texture to your patio, then check out stamped or stenciled concrete designs. Stamping and stenciling concrete not only adds texture to your patio but also ensures that it will stand out.

Make it pop with some colour

Grey concrete can be boring, but you can make your patio stand out by adding some colour to it. Contractors, such as Versatile Concrete, can colour your patio in different ways. These include dyes, stains, and pigments. Some of the colours you can request include terra cotta, tan, or grey. You can collaborate with your contractor in choosing the best colour that suits your home.

It doesn’t have to be rectangular

Your concrete patio doesn’t have to be rectangular like your neighbours’. You can choose a semicircle patio or even an irregularly shaped one, too.

Contrasting colours

A solid grey concrete patio exudes elegance, but it can be boring sometimes. You can upgrade this part of your property simply by adding colour or two at the sides or between slabs. For example, you can pair a solid light grey patio with some terra cotta or dark gray trim just to provide some contrast. You can also add some bricks or tiles at the sides to make your patio more unique.

Add a firepit

Another interesting addition to your patio is a firepit. Place some lounge chairs around it, light up a fire, and catch up with your friends during winter. Or you can use it for a barbecue and enjoy a meal on the patio with your family. You can have a firepit customised by a contractor or you can buy a more mobile one from a local store or online.

Go for some texture

Don’t get me wrong — a smooth concrete patio is great for any home. It is versatile, and it suits any home design. But sometimes, all you need is some texture, especially if you live in a part of the country that receives a lot of rain. If you want to add some texture to your concrete patio, then you might want to consider exposed aggregate. Some of the stones used by contractors include granite, crushed rocks, and more. It doesn’t just add texture to your patio as some of the aggregates are also colourful.

Green stripes or pebbles

Another great concrete design tip for the patio is to add some grass or pebbles between each slab. They not only add colour to your boring concrete patio but also make it more refreshing and natural.